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Fiat market place#309


To have the same functionality with fiat currencies that we do with cryptos

The curve according to the EURUSD, EURCHF, etc … pairs and thus allow the 700k users to do their optimization also here WITHOUT FIAT>CRYPTO CONVERSATION (thus delaying the Tax effect 30% in CRYPTO>FIAT conversion) with the possibility of valuing in dollars and to swing to accumulate dollars, for example.
Would it be possible to offer a FIAT MARKET PLACE on which we could choose our favorite FIAT-FIAT currency pairs in order to monitor and make our swing.

2 months ago

💚💚 Excellent : i just sent couple of minutes ago this suggestion to the support team via our SB app ! Thanks a lot for your reactivity! 👊😊👍💚💚

I imagine we can take profit as well of the smart engine power to suggest to the user the best opportunity for wealth management, among artificial pairs between the 16 available FIAT currencies listed into the SB APP.

This, conbined to the future “swiss knife”, included contactless payment from the app or with the coming SwissBorg credit card, can make for the world citizen and SB user the best UX and for our project and community, a tremendeous argue for SB promotion #FairAdvantage

🙏💚 Please vote for this idea 💚🙏

2 months ago