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DCA and TP#334


Is that a mode of investment in DCA could be added like that not need to think about it every month that leaves, of the account or crypto wanted, towards the desired investment.

And a mode like on “Revolut” where you can program a sell order to be executed at a certain value reached with a margin to be defined (as long as it goes up it doesn’t sell, but as soon as it corrects, it’s validated), the same thing for selling (with a graphical view of where you sold and where you bought. Numbers are numbers, a drawing or graph is always more meaningful).
This would save us from looking too much at the application or even from going to another platform when there is a turning point!

In the Marketplace could we have a check mark to indicate our favorites because there are a lot of products!

Here are some small ideas that could attract even more people, it’s while discussing with a friend who wanted simple things and visually speaking that I said to myself that it lacked at SwissBorg!

The application is super fun as it is so its options could be activated according to our use.
Finally I hope that my message has made people discuss and maybe inspired for future evolutions!

a year ago