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Add Chia XCH#353

Please this blockchain, is POW based in HDD, this coin as emerge of the first ceo of Bittorrent and the projet have a lot of new projects and very stable team, i make mining and i can receive my mining regards in only one trust CEX Kucoin, i want to see more project like this here.

a month ago

Hi, We don’t mine Chia, we farm it. It is much more energy efficient. It was designed and created by Bram Cohen (creator of bittorrent) in order to fix other blockchain issue (BTC halvings and energy consumption and ETH security issue)

It is the most decentralized blockchain with more than 120k node and a high nakamoto coefficient >70.

It use a coin set model very similar to UTXO model.

It use chialisp, a lisp based language that is purely functional and help smart coin to be more secure without having side effects.

Would love to see it on Swissborg.

I know the day we will see it on Swissborg, it will be the day of mass adoption that shall come soon or later.

a month ago