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To offer different Allocation displaying options#355

As explained on this attached pieces, i would really appreciate to be able to benefits of different options for displaying our Account allocation.
Currently sorted from quantity perspective and it’s great: we need to keep it !

But we might add as well 2 others for instance
A> from domain perspective : how much in web3, how much in infrastructure, how much in Metaverse and gaming?…

B> From popularity perspective would be VERY INTERESTING to evaluate our investment from RISK MANAGEMENT STANDPOINT.

  • % of TOP1 to 10 in CMC
  • % of TOP11 to 50 in CMC
  • % of TOP51 to 200 in CMC
  • % of TOP200 to 500 In CMC

Would be great to add these display switch options under Allocation

Thank you for studying this proposal,

a year ago

Apologize for english grammar mistakes I’m Franglish as we often say in France 😄👌💚🙏

a year ago