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CHSB vs Shares ! Confirmation is needed regarding Tokenomics... and other questions.#369


Also posted on forum but for those who do not wish to sign in here you can read in full without a forum.swissborg account:

It has been repeatedly pointed out that the CHSB was deflationary, thanks in particular to the Protect & Burn mechanism of transforming 20% of the fees resulting from the exchanges into Buying Pressure (to protect the price) and then in a second time to destroy the tokens. This de facto leads to a reduction of the total supply and thus to a concentration of value in the remaining tokens. Following a modification, the P&Burn became Protect and Choose. This decision did not go down well with the community. The communication was unfortunate to say the least. Besides that, the CHSB also benefits from a Buying Pressure through BuyBacks, with 10 to 100% of the fees converted into CHSB every week. Another promise is that the CHSB will always be at the center of the features offered in the SwissBorg ecosystem.
Now comes the SeriesA, and a new fear appears: since the P&C has been inactive for 6 months. The community is worried to see these mechanisms still evolving (to its disadvantage) without being asked.
Can you confirm :
that the P&B/P&C will retain its 20% strength no matter what, and that they will indeed be used to redeem CHSB tokens in the market ?
that the Buyback is a mechanism that is also protected from change ?
What is the purpose of the BuyBack?
Can you confirm that the existing utilities of the CHSB will not disappear or be diminished for the benefit of the shareholders ? (there were already shareholders before, there is no reason for that to change now).
what are the possibilities for the shareholders to decide in the future about the modifications of the token? Can they reduce the P&C and BuyBack mechanisms? Can they decide to reduce the yields of the Yield 2.0?
Can you give us a status on the transparency of wallets under control holding CHSBs? SwissBorg’s, the community’s, the team’s etc.
How many CHSB does SwissBorg SA at a whole hold ? How many are dedicated to CHSB Yield ? How long can we provide the yield ?
What is your opinion regarding Yield 2.0 ? Is it going to evolve ? What is your plan to encourage everyone to accumulate CHSB ? (It seems that currently the slice system makes it difficult for an actor who has just filled a high slice to continue accumulating in the new one. With a tendency to concentrate holdings around the lower levels of the brackets: 100K and 1M.) Have you noticed this problem? Do you have a plan to remedy it?
What happened to the CHSBs accumulated in the safety net? The 20M from Genesis and those accumulated when 25% of the yield was taken from the yield. Are they in the circulating supply presented on the site?
It is urgent to reassure the community on the existing CHSB utilities and tokenomics. Remove the doubts on the different mechanics in place and show the total transparency on the distribution of the total supply. The grouping of funds of all on a large address makes that we must trust the information that you transmit to us without being able to control them. Your intentions, communicated at the end of the year, to publish a complete inventory at the beginning of Q1 2023 have made us wait, but these doubts shared by many make us miss the start of the BullRun.
Because in this vagueness, we do not know clearly what belongs to shares or tokens, since things can/could radically change. Without knowing, and considering the risk, people abstain. Which, sadly, collectively does not benefit us.
It goes without saying that reducing the utilities/functionalities of the CHSB for the benefit of the shareholders would be perceived as a betrayal.
We have every confidence in you, but as it is not your intention to be discreet on these essential questions we prefer to ask you directly the questions, so that you can answer them quietly: an AMA or otherwise. So that all the clarity is brought on what offers shares on one side and the CHSB on the other.
Thank you. We speak for ourselves, as we are SwissBorg.

a month ago

Genesis here. Don’t buy more CHSB for that reason. Just hold my 50.000k Genesis Token. Bear in mind they have no lock anymore.

a month ago