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Kids account#431

Purpose basket, a place where parents can accumulate tokens or Thematics for kids or for a specific purpose e.g college fund, wedding, new car, etc

So the use case example would be. I have 2 kids for whom I want to save into Thematics. I also have my personal basket. So ideally I want to create 3 baskets. 1 personal, 1 for kid A and 1 for kid B.

Today I have to track it outside the app into a spreadsheet. It would be great to do this in the app and easily allocate funds across the baskets.

This would also be relevant to individual cryptocurrencies for which you receive Smart Yield. Tracking in spreadsheet complicated due to yield rhat needs to be divided. The idea of creating baskets for different purposes will be suitable for a lot of people and use cases, and potentially increases AUM + Tx fees for Swissborg.

a year ago

I would like to gift a Swissborg account to my nephews

a year ago

Would also like this.

8 months ago


4 months ago

We need this.

3 months ago