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Due to the lack of API Key, I have already told you about the difficulties to process the information in the Blockpit software, unlike Biance-Bitpanda-CoinBase which are done automatically without any processing on my part.
Concerning Swissborg it is a real galley, I have just spent three complete days to treat manually the information Lines by Lines - Columns by Columns by copy and paste for each of the information, with all the risks of error that it involves for more than 2700 Lines to treat.
Is there really no other solution that Swissborg can bring us. Because I doubt that many users are able to correctly perform these entries by this method.
Even if nothing is done, I regretfully plan to stop investing in the Swjssborg platform because I don’t want to relive the same experience next year, especially since investing in the Thematic WEB 3 generates a large number of transactions.
You will find attached a file allowing you to understand the extent of the problem.
I really hope that a positive answer will be given to this request and thank you in advance.

2 months ago