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User interface improvements (Portfolio/Invest link + custom crypto list)#597


Since I started using Swissborg, I’ve been missing two essential yet relatively simple features:

1) A bi-directional link between the cryptos in the Portfolio tab and the Invest tab.

When I’m in my Portfolio, on a given crypto, I very often want to go and see its price, and to do that I have to exit the sub-view, go to Invest and search for the crypto, whereas it would be enough to put a button link to take me there in a single click. And then the same thing in the other direction, often I’m looking at the price of a crypto and I’d like to see my portfolio for that crypto.

2) Create my own list of crypros.

For some time now, cryprtos have been grouped together to make our lives easier, which is already a certain improvement, but when will we see customized lists? Personally, I’m only interested in a very small number of cryptos most of the time, and I’d like to see them all at once.

3 months ago

For 1) you should check tonight’s pow wow

3 months ago