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Average purchase price#649


Having an average purchase price when you have a target in mind and for which token you wish to accumulate, it makes sense to have a reference e.g the average purchase price. Just basic to my humble point of view.

10 months ago

Please add this simple feature!

6 months ago

Quite fair enough, of course I would appreciate an automatic feature as a row’s dashboard ..
In a same time all info exist already throughout wallet (row) track record (possibility to extract it into excel or google sheet…
Basics :
A) Sum of buy - sum of sold = your investment
B) Qty of remaining tokens (direct reading)

C) PRU = A/B
D) valorization of your row invest (current amount, direct reading)

E) P&L = D-A (or available into the app under Allocation)
if >0 then P
If <0 then L

But of course, interesting to automatize it.

6 months ago