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Suggestion for website from a user#825


By the way, in view of the fact that banking via mobile phone is chronically afflicted with various security restrictions, it is a little incomprehensible that you do not offer a website for your CyptoExchange for desktop/laptop and then additionally with the option for a secure LINUX environment.
That would be a suggestion if you are really serious about attracting customers and capital and really want to scale.
The unique selling point and positioning/business idea as a reputable and secure crypto platform for long-term investing, which can act as a bridge between the expanding crypto-economy and the traditional (financial) world, is something that people are taking away from you. The possibilities and design of the app are also quite good and forward-looking, people are inclined to invest in your environment and vision.
Only the kid stuff with the mobile-only app … seriously now?

No offense, just a well-intentioned constructive suggestion.

a month ago