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The biggest Airdrop ever / Eth Farming Vault#916

Imagine the marketing impact for SwissBorg on this product…

Creating High Yield and Boost Farming Points vaults

  • Complex Farming Points Ethereum Democratization strategy
  • In addition to a highly attractive yield, users will be eligible for multiple airdrops.
  • Possible partnership proposal with these protocols

When airdrop is received by users, people will notice the power of simplification and democratization of complex market opportunities.

Bonus airdrops will be received in Borg to create volume and encourage users to upgrade to Premium / Pegasus for the next strategy, which will essentially be for them in the futur.

a month ago

We now know that Eigen layer airdrop is just the tip of the iceberg in the way of (alt layer) airdrop potential is incredible.

A way to provide complex leverage restaking strategies with a reduced maximum deposit (2 ETH maximum) for example provided in a diversification strategy as well as a way for latecomers and small wallet farmers to farm faster for life-changing rewards.

25 days ago

More airdrops means more flows in the application means more volumes means more users….

This mechanism could be improved by including this incentive in the choice of premium (Airdrops depending on the premium) and thus benefit from an airdrop narrative for the application and additional usefulness for the Borg.

25 days ago