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List MLUT#926

This concerns our Minilut (MLUT) project, recently listed by Blockchain SWFT and MetaPath.

The idea would be to create the first Empire MemeCoin serious. The univers of Minilut is a expansion utopic derivated of the semi-dystopic universe S-F of the Stellar Empire which is present in the real economy via its two works via TheBookEdition:

Official Website:



Story of MLUT

Listing on blockchain SWFT

A 3rd novel is being written in order to introduce Minilut into the universe in the form of derivative products.

The project is unique in its approach and serious compared to purely speculative assets like PEPE or Dogecoin.

The objective being to integrate the universe into the real economy in depth in the future.

However, we wish to maintain our anonymity.

Supporting documents and evidence.


Team Minilut

23 days ago