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Hi Team Borg,

I would like to suggest listing a promising new token (BORPATOKEN.COM) that already boasts a strong community. With over 30k members on Discord and more than 100k followers on Twitter, the token hasn’t even launched yet. The project is spearheaded by a French founder and a team comprising 5 artists and 9 developers. Their artwork is impressive, embodying a 100% degen aesthetic, and they operate with speed and integrity, using a whitelist process for the token launch.

What caught my attention was the professional artwork, the doxxed founder and lead designer, and their responsiveness on Discord, answering all sorts of questions.

I am considering collaborating with my company to launch a real-world asset and NFT with them, as I work in art and design. Their creative minds will launch OMNICHAIN (on Base, Binance, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Solana) using Rust and Solidity in ERC-20 format.

Driven by a passion for spreading the word, not financial gain, I wanted to give you a heads-up about this memetoken with solid fundamentals and a meritocratic, gamified approach. It offers great value for degens and early adopters—it’s not just another coin with a hat.

I would be glad to introduce the founder to Swissborg. If you are interested, please snet me a DM or contact him directly on Discord, but keep me in the loop, please. Take care and go Borg! A bright future lies ahead.

Best regards,


a month ago